5 eCommerce SEO Mistakes That Can Retard Your Business

blog_logo   31 Aug 2022

It is quite normal to commit eCommerce SEO blunders when first starting out. After all, getting your sites to rank higher is no easy task. There are numerous steps in this complex process, including analytics, optimization, tracking, and rework. Naturally, there is a lot of potential for error. And these can often be costly in terms of both time and resources. However, with the top SEO company in India, you may avoid these blunders and achieve maximum growth for your eCommerce store.

However, knowing where you can go wrong might help you avoid pitfalls in your SEO efforts. So, to assist you, here are five frequent roadblocks you may encounter on your path to eCommerce SEO.

eCommerce SEO mistakes you must avoid

If long-term business success is your goal, you must prioritize SEO tactics. To do so, review the SEO blunders to avoid at all costs for your ecommerce site.

1. Keyword stuffing

You want your product pages to appear near the top of major search engine results pages (SERPs). And the best way to get there is through product descriptions. Writing keyword-rich, informative descriptions can help you gain favor with the algorithm. But it's just as possible to get up in trouble.

But how exactly? By going overboard with the keywords, that is. A few years ago, you could get away with stuffing keywords into every other sentence. However, Google can now penalize you for what is now deemed a black-hat technique - keyword stuffing.

Ensure you don’t include the following in your content to avoid keyword stuffing:

  • • Irrelevant keywords
  • • Unnatural repetition
  • • Fluff of keywords

2. Security flaws

Consider the following scenario: you search for "Sofas online" and decide to buy from a site recommended by Google, only to have your payment information stolen. To avoid such occurrences, Google prioritizes security when ranking websites. A mere HTTPS certification will not suffice.

You must go above and above by implementing an end-to-end security infrastructure for your eCommerce store, which includes specialized data encryption and protection. Also, make sure your store is PCI DSS compliant, and make it a practice to do vulnerability testing and data backups on a regular basis.

3. Inadequate link building

Google generously rewards relevant link-building techniques. However, if you try to push the ethical bounds of link building, search engines may penalize you. Stuffing your content with links, purchasing links, ignoring broken connections, and bad internal linking can drop your page many rankings, if not an entire SERP, making unethical link building one of the biggest eCommerce SEO blunders. Finding highly relevant direct links to your product pages is the best strategy to thrive at link-building. Videos are an excellent method to accomplish this. Including video comparisons, walk-throughs, explainers, and so on is a terrific linking tactic that also adds value to your page.

4. Slow site loading speed

The speed with which your website loads is extremely important in SEO. The lower your page ranks in the SERPs, the slower it is. Slow load speed is caused by a variety of circumstances. Un-cached JavaScript or CSS files, JavaScript and CSS files, the existence of huge pictures, and so on.

Aside from speed, the structure of the website is also important. Google, as you may know, searches your entire website before ranking it. If it's tough for Google's bots to navigate, it'll be challenging for visitors to your site as well. A hierarchical structure is beneficial. To make navigating easier, divide your eCommerce site into the homepage, categories, subcategories, and individual product pages.

5. Ignoring schema

One study found that webpages with adequate schema mark-up ranked four ranks higher than those without. And, while it's unlikely that it was solely based on schema, it still has a significant impact on a page's rating. Schema markup assists Google's bots in understanding the structure of your page. In the case of product sites, schema can be quite beneficial because it can assist bots in locating critical information such as product information, price, summary, reviews, contact information, and so on. Thanks to platforms like, adding schema has also become relatively simple.

Over to You

Now that you're aware of the most typical eCommerce SEO blunders, you can plan your SEO campaign accordingly. If you're experiencing difficulty, you can even hire an SEO company to handle the work for you.

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