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5 Essential Tips For Social Media Rebranding

  02 Sep 2022

Are you considering social media rebranding? Well, sometimes a change is required. And, without a question, social media is an excellent place to begin your rebranding campaign. However, the stakes are always high for businesses seeking to reinvent themselves. However, if done correctly, it has the potential to help you reinvent your brand, distinguish yourself, and connect with a new audience.

There are two approaches you can take. Either on your own or with the assistance of a digital marketing service company in Bangalore. If you choose the first option, here are some things to take for a successful social media rebranding.

4 essential steps to follow for rebranding

Understand when to go with social media rebranding

Rebranding is much more than a mere logo upgrade. It’s an entire revamp of your brand identity. So, before you start looking for rebranding options, it’s best to review the reasons behind it.

Here are some potential scenarios where rebranding may be a good idea:

  • • Going through a major crisis
  • • Want to reset audience perception
  • • Shifting the core focus of business
  • • Unable to woo the audience
  • • Brand identity does not stand out

However, don’t rebrand if you’re experiencing a slow spell in business, or if you haven’t narrowed down on a reason. And remember, don’t think about rebranding just because your competitor is doing it.

If done right, social media rebranding can become a soft reboot of your brand, allowing you enough room to re-establish yourself.

Conduct audits to know your current strength of social media campaigns

Social media audits can be time-consuming. However, doing so will ensure that your rebranding effort eliminates all of the inconsistencies that existed in your ecosystem in the first place. You won't have to scramble for assets at the last minute this way.

Rebranding is an excellent opportunity to experiment with new social media aspects. Begin your rebranding approach by identifying any new social media networks you may use, as well as new forms to try. Keep track of your existing engagement rates as well. This will serve as a baseline against which you can measure your social media performance following the rebranding.

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Update your style & themes

The actual creative labor starts now. You'll use all of your insights from the introspection, audit, and goals to create a new brand image.

Though it may appear to be a simple activity, it entails several labor-intensive factors such as graphic design, content generation, competitive analysis, and much more.

Here are some things to consider when rebranding:

  • • Images (profile and cover images)
  • • Display names & Usernames
  • • URLs for each social network
  • • Templates of posts
  • • Page descriptions & bios
  • • Descriptions for listings
  • • The logo

Launch and Monitor the Performance

It's ideal to plan the big day ahead of time before commencing your social media rebranding campaign. Begin by publicizing the launch ahead of time. You might even surprise your audience. You have an option. However, remember that you will have to answer a lot of queries and questions from your audience.

Once your new social media strategy is in place, it's time to gauge the response. The metrics you gathered from previous social media initiatives may be useful for comparison here. However, you will not witness immediate (good or negative) outcomes. It could take several weeks or even months. The best thing to do is to go over your audience's responses and take appropriate action.

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You may successfully revamp your social media brand presence with minimal stress and disturbance by making the correct strategies and preparation. Alternatively, if you leave this task in the hands of experts that it can save a lot of your time and resources and you can enjoy the rewards at minimal costs.

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