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How to Use My Business for Boosting Businesses

  29 Aug 2022

If you haven't used Google My Business (GMB), you're risking losing valuable marketing and sales chances.

The good old days of phonebooks are long gone. However, having your business included in an internet directory is no longer a bonus; it's a requirement.

And, with GMB, you can quickly develop and manage your digital presence across Google, all without any payment mechanism. Simply said, it is a crucial marketing tool that allows potential customers to find your business and connect with you.

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3 reasons to use Google My Business

1. GMB improves your visibility

GMB puts your company on the map around the world. Literally. Google receives 63k searches every second on average. Furthermore, Google "near me" has nearly doubled in the last few years.

Here's a well-known fact: nearly 90% of shoppers do not have a brand in mind while searching for a product.

As a result, if your business is visible online, you may simply entice this large segment of the public to your door. You may quickly showcase your business to your target audience using Google My Business. When you combine it with your SEO efforts, you've got a true crowd-pleaser on your hands.

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2. GMB enhances your trust factor

One of the most difficult challenges that organizations face today is gaining enough client trust to influence a purchase. And one of the most crucial things you can do as a business owner to develop trust is to present your consumers with your location.

Still not convinced? Customers regard brands that appear on Google as three times more credible.

Why? Because Google My Business adheres to a thorough verification process, the search results are all the more reliable. Businesses must go through several identification stages in order to appear in local search results. That is why Google is a reliable environment on which people can rely.

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3. GMB boosts your appeal

Before purchasing a product, the vast majority of people read reviews. Furthermore, Google My Business allows users to write customer evaluations and feedback for others to see.

With this feature, you not only get an honest assessment of what you're doing correctly (and badly), but also a star rating next to your company name.

You can accumulate more reviews over time and achieve a higher total rating. You can also increase your rating by responding to your reviews. This can provide you with a competitive advantage.

The bottom line

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Other than the perks outlined above, Google My Business offers a plethora of others. It's a whole bundle that will increase your company's visibility, trust, and traffic. It's also simple to set up and takes little maintenance once it's up and running.

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