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Instagram introduced Shopping in Reels

  24 November 2020

Instagram introduced Shopping in Reels

Instagram on Thursday launched “Shopping in Reels” across IGTV which will help merchants & creators to tag the products when they are creating Reels in Instagram. User can tap on the ‘View Products’ button to purchase or know about the products tagged into the reels. Creator can also add branded content tag if they partner with any brand to promote products.

Instagram announced the feature in October as a part shopping related update in Instagram App. But after launch of shopping options in the Reels, the users will be able to tag products while creating Reels. The creators can add Branded Content tag to their Reels to provide consistency & can also tap ‘View Products’ to view, save, learn more about the products. Instagram users can tap through the Instagram app’s video format which includes Feed, Stories, IGTV and Live.

With the global expansion of its Instagram Shopping service across IGTV, creators and influencers can directly monetize their user base on Instagram & give brands a way to sell merchandise to their followers. Last year, it launched Checkout option, by which users can transact within the app when they also saw something & wanted to buy. And just this month, Instagram redesigned its dedicated Shop section which is similar to Facebook Pay.

On IGTV, users can either buy products via the in-app checkout or by visiting the seller’s website to buy. However, the expectation is that many shoppers should not leave the app to pay for their items. This allows Instagram to collect selling fees on each purchases. According to the company its shoppable IGTV videos will be made available on Instagram Shop to make shoppable a major part of Reels.


According to Instagram COO Justin Osofsky, shopping option in IGTV and Reels, will make it easy for users to shop directly from videos. Digital creators and brands can bring emerging culture to Instagram, and people will come to Instagram to get inspired by them.

User will be able to buy products easily while checking the Instagram Reels. Small businesses can easily tap the Instagram users at much ease & can promote & sell products at much ease. Instagram can easily monetise the businesses & will earn money or commission for each sale.

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