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Instagram Marketing Guide: 8 Tips That Actually Work

  01 Dec 2022

Instagram is without a doubt one of the most popular social media platforms, with a billion monthly active users. As a result, it is a wonderful platform for companies and marketers to reach a large audience. So it's no surprise that Instagram already accounts for 15% of Facebook's overall ad revenue, a figure that is anticipated to soar to 70% by 2020.

While this is excellent news for brands and marketers, it also means that the platform will face increased competition as more people flock to it. This makes it critical to use smart Instagram marketing strategies to effectively engage your audience.

Why is Instagram marketing important?

Instagram marketing has been a reliable tool for DTC and B2B firms for as long as the site has existed. And not without reason. Instagram is a platform that marketers can use to interact with their fans on a more personal level while also reaching out to new people.

Furthermore, Instagram allowed people from all around the world to build their own followers, which we now call influencers. Every day, marketers drive millions of views and interactions through collaborations with influencers, and numerous companies have seen rapid success as a result.

With such huge potential, it's no surprise that marketers now require an active Instagram account.

This article will teach you the best practices to follow if you want to be successful with Instagram marketing.

8 Instagram marketing tips you must follow

Here are our top 8 Instagram marketing tips backed by social media marketing agency experts in Bangalore:

1. Use a business account

If you want to get the most out of your Instagram brand, convert to a Business Account, which has a number of advantages:

  • • Gain access to Instagram analytics to track metrics like as reach and impressions for the content you share.
  • • You may easily create and post Instagram ads without relying on Facebook's advertising tools.
  • • Increase the likelihood that your material will be seen by your followers across their news stream

2. Maintain your brand “Look”

Instagram, as you are probably aware, is all about aesthetics. That is why the best social media agency in Bangalore suggests to maintain aesthetic consistency on the platform if you want consumers to recognize your brand right away. This entails making photographs with a similar color scheme and/or style.

It's all the more significant given that Instagram users upload over 100 million photographs and videos every day. So, if you want people to engage with your material, it must stand out from the sea of content from other individuals and brands. You want to make something that people will notice and stop scrolling when they see it.

Choose a color scheme or a style to convey through your Instagram account. Then, utilizing filters and Lightroom presets strategically, ensuring that your photographs and videos keep this.

3. Tell your brand story

Nothing beats sincerity when it comes to your Instagram presence.

No matter how well you understand the algorithm or how many Instagram tricks you try as a brand, the most crucial piece of the equation is you and your story. Even the top social media marketing companies in Bangalore will suggest you to stick to your brand story.

This is best accomplished through comprehensive, authentic Instagram captions and Instagram Stories. You may use Instagram Stories to pull back the curtain and engage your audience in two-way dialogues.

4. Write captions that your audience can relate to

Relating to your audience is one of the finest methods to stay on their minds and motivate them to engage with you. And the top social media marketing services in Bangalore focus to have compelling captions with your photographs and videos. Give your postings context by including relatable descriptions that can assist your audience comprehend your brand language.

Consider the type of audience you're aiming for and the tone and language they'd prefer. Is it clever and lighthearted? Would they enjoy puns? Are they likely to be a tired group who would appreciate jokes and references to stress? Or perhaps they value serious, formal communication more.

Once you've determined who your target audience is, you can craft your brand voice accordingly. Then, in all of your brand communications, including Instagram posts, you should employ this voice consistently.

5. Share UGC (User-Generated Content) as social proof

You could even take the previous idea a step further and share user-generated content on your Instagram profile. This is the ideal solution to two major issues: the difficulty to generate content ideas and the inability to gain consumer trust.

You'll always have fresh and original stuff to post on your feed since you'll be sharing content made by your customers. Furthermore, user-generated content serves as social proof, demonstrating that other customers are endorsing you. As a result, it is much easier to persuade your audience.

There's also the truth that sharing your customers' material will make them feel valued. After you've created a branded hashtag for people to use, follow the hashtag to locate material to share on your feed. You can share it via Instagram Stories if you don't want to disrupt the aesthetic uniformity of your feed.

6. Use Instagram Reels for your posts

It should come as no surprise that one of the top Instagram marketing strategies is to share Instagram Reels.

Hundreds of thousands of producers have hopped on the Reels bandwagon since their inception, using them to strengthen networks, reach new audiences, and generate profits.

Sharing this short-form material, whether through a before and after, a how-to, or a behind-the-scenes Reel, is an amazing way to expand your reach beyond your followers — and possibly go viral!

7. Do NOT over post

If you want to appeal to the Instagram community, you must avoid over-posting at all costs, otherwise you will appear obnoxious. You don't want your fans to unfollow you because they're sick of seeing postings from your brand in their feeds.

At the same time, you must maintain consistency in your publishing so that you appear in their news feeds on occasion. As a result, you must devise a planned publishing schedule in order to reach your followers when they are most engaged.

However, what works for other companies may not work for you. As a result, it's best to do your own experiment to find the best hours and frequency of publishing for your brand.

8. Investing in sponsored Ads

Investing in sponsored Ads is another excellent strategy to grow a targeted audiences across your Instagram presence. As a result, it benefits your target users whose behavior and traits match your product.

In other words, it brings the proper individuals to you without you having to work too much. Any prospect who is unfamiliar with your products and services may be enticed immediately and convert quickly.

Final Thoughts

These are the top eight most effective Instagram marketing strategies. Some will have a direct impact on your marketing activities, while others may have an indirect impact. However, they are all aimed towards increasing the number of people who see your brand and interact with it on Instagram. You may put these strategies to the test to determine whether they work with your current Instagram marketing plan.

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