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5 Key Elements of a Successful Sales Enablement Content Strategy

  22 Aug 2022

Just as you wouldn't send troops into war unarmed, you shouldn't send your sales staff into conversations unprepared. The best secret weapon for your sales force is sales enablement content. When this content is made and shared well, it can show how trustworthy the company is, keep prospects interested, and answer common questions that come up during sales conversations.

In short, content marketing for sales enablement enables the sales force to work smarter, not harder, while also improving their sales enablement KPIs. It can even save your sales efforts after a disastrous sales call.

How to strategically create sales enablement content?

The first thing to understand is that good sales enablement material is the result of meticulous coordination between marketing and sales teams. These teams should co-manage the company's sales enablement initiatives by communicating clearly about what resources are lacking, collaborating on content creation, and strategizing on how to deliver them.

Marketing and sales teams should also communicate frequently about what works and what doesn't in order to ensure that the content they're distributing contains all of the required ingredients for prospect persuasion.

What Are the Key Components of Great Sales Enablement Content?

Effective sales enablement content is all about giving potential clients the correct answers at the right time. So, good sales enablement marketing should have a few key parts that help the sales force move buyers closer to making a decision:

1. Situation

Sales teams require information, training, and coaching on when and how to use sales enablement content, as well as the ability to locate the appropriate content to distribute at the appropriate moment. They need well-organized content banks that were made with the help of marketing departments and from which they can pull relevant samples.

To simplify the organization and discoverability of high-quality, up-to-date information during sales interactions, sales teams require CRMs that they share with marketing or even dedicated sales enablement systems. It's all about finding material that meets prospects' specific needs at the correct time.

2. Verification

Many leads are far into the buyer's journey before your sales staff even contacts them, indicating that they are aware of a problem and are hunting for appropriate solutions. This is where your sales enablement content may help.

A salesperson, for example, could give a lead an industry report outlining a growing demand for a problem to be solved, along with a case study about how your product or service brilliantly solved this problem for a customer. This not only shows that people want your product or service, but it also helps the person you want to buy from you see your point of view.

3. Distinctiveness

During sales interactions, prospects are likely to ask, "Why your company, and why now?"Your sales content should instill a good perception of what distinguishes your organization in the industry, whether it's a superior value, speed, service, friendliness, ease of use, results, or a combination of differentiation from competitors. The idea is to convince prospects that your firm can provide a desirable experience that no one else can.

4. Newness

Sales enablement content is just as strong as its freshness and relevance, so keep your content up-to-date with recent examples, updated data, and new case studies. Your sales and marketing materials should show what your company can already do and answer buyers' main concerns.

Of course, the sales team will require components that meet buyers where they are in their journeys in order to attract, engage, and delight strangers, prospects, and others. Now consider the various formats that these bits of material can take and how they fit into the sales enablement puzzle.

Sales Enablement Ideas

With those important factors in mind, it's time to go to work planning, brainstorming sales enablement topics, and developing content. Consider not only the content but also the format as you go. Leads can be warmed up and primed for a dialogue with email drip marketing

Thought leadership publications, blog entries, and whitepapers can help educate prospects, supplement dialogues, and answer queries. Customer testimonials, case studies, and sales one-pagers can also assist your sales staff in getting down to business and sharing particular results.

In addition to resolving objections and advancing leads toward sales, sales enablement content can highlight important information that your points of contact can share with other decision-makers at their firms. It can also set expectations that help prospects understand how your company does business and get them ready to be loyal customers after the sale.

Sales Enablement Goals and KPIs

You can measure your sales enablement goals in many ways, but the most important is how much time you save your sales agents so they can get back to talking to potential clients.

Other frequent KPIs include the time it takes to make the first call, the time it takes to get a lead on the phone, the duration of the sales cycle, and the total number of days or months (on average) it takes for the sales team to close a contract.

The most common sales enablement KPI is close rate, which measures the efficiency of your sales personnel. This KPI, also known as the close-ratio, win rate, and lead-to-close rate, calculates the number of fresh leads that convert into customers.

Your sales and marketing teams, or your company and any of the available sales enablement services, work together all the time to create sales enablement materials that help you reach your goals.

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