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Tips to Improve Conversion Rates

  24 November 2020

Tips to Improve Conversion Rates

For digital marketing, conversions are the life essence of any online marketing campaign. To run this marketing campaign, all you want from people is to sign up for your service, click and order something, buy something from your site.

The definition of conversion rates is the percentage of user who only takes desired actions. Let us take the example to understand this more clearly:

The best conversion rate optimization agencies in Bangalore optimize the conversion rate of many companies. We are here to give you tips to improve the conversion rate; read as follow:

To many Direction

It does not seem attractive when there are so many things directly show on the web page. Removal of distraction is so necessary when there is no one point to concentrate easily. Your landing page should not create any confusion in the mind of a visitor is essential; it should be prominent, sorted, easy to navigate, and attractive.

Your visitor wants to know what should be your prioritized goals, and if something is not essential, then clearly remove it. Do not create so many headings or subheadings. Make it small and simple in language but just remember your visitor should be focused on what you offer.

Make it Simple and Sorted.

It is a psychological fact that “First Impression is the Last Impression,” if a person visits the first time your website, your website impression should be winning. Make your landing pages easier that it create a will to step more and easy to finish. Start it with asking for a simple email address request instead of filling the whole form and getting another information. When it is the time to offer something, make your steps extremely simple and sorted to complete but do not force anything, it may give them a chance to leave without ordering anything.

Add Live Chat Tool

The human mind is a well of different thoughts. They wanted to buy, but still, some thoughts make them step back. Their thoughts enclose the way and do not uplift them. They have some doubts or questions that keep them away from taking the last step; in this case, live chats are perfect for solving this kind of problem. Live chat tools boost up to buy the product or take service; it is so easy to add that to your site.

Guarantee of Money Back

Nobody wants to put or invest their money in a place where they did not get something in return. Consumers are not like a marketer or business owner who take the risk; they want a guarantee!

Conversion rate optimization services in Bangalore assure their customers of the desired result. Fear of losing money creates trust issues which is a drawback for business, so you must offer your customers a money-back guarantee for every purchase.

Add Social Proofs

Nobody wishes to be the first person to buy or use of product or service. Before buying any product, customers like to research the product in all aspects like its features, quality, quantity, brand, old reviews, and many more aspects. All this makes a character of social proofs which build trust to buy it.

To attract more people, you can add some thoughtful quotes; for example, Myntra add, “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick”. or can add some series of logos that build some trust of new users. Show the previews customer reviews too; it will boost up to buy the products.

Eliminate Unnecessary Forms

Nobody wants to fill the extreme form that takes so much time, and if you have this policy, you are on the right track to kill your conversion rate very smoothly. You should just stick to just only those field forms that are important to achieve your goals or get the necessary information about the viewer.

If you did not get the lead information that your sales team needs to follow up, then all your efforts or close rate will go to trash. So if then the question is not purposefully based on the product, remove it.

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