Instagram Launches Professional Dashboard For Businesses And Creators


Instagram has been a great platform for digital marketers and professionals since its inception in 2012. Initially, it was only a simple photo-sharing platform but has since evolved into a powerful tool that businesses can leverage to reach their target audience, and expand their market reach. Despite the massive expansion of Instagram following its acquisition by Facebook, it has always been limited in its offerings for digital marketers, with most of its features and professional tools only being accessible through Facebook’s campaign manager and Facebook insights. This has all come to an end though, as Instagram has now completely overhauled it’s previously unsophisticated insights section and has instead replaced it with a brand new professional dashboard which integrates everything you loved about Facebook Insights directly into Instagram, while also improving on the already solid foundation.

Track Your Performance

Instagram has emphasised on three key points with this new update. “Track your performance” being the first of these points of focus. If you are a professional that has been working with Instagram for the past few years, you may already be quite familiar with the offerings of this section. With a graph being used to display the likes your page gets on a daily basis, and further statistics being available for better understanding your performance. This includes an overview of your reach and content interactions along with a percentage change based on the selected time frame. There can be further broken down into individual actions taken on your page such as website taps, email taps, etc. These statistics are imperative to creating an effective Instagram marketing strategy. Most features have already been available but have now been reformatted and reorganised to better fit the new dashboard.


Grow Your Business

This section is far less practical than expected. As one would hope Instagram would provide brand new tools and methods for businesses and creators to actually promote their content, grow their following and reach more people. Instead, the only section of any use is Promotions, which allows users to run ads on Instagram and track the performance of the ads, this is a powerful tool and is the most elementary way to carry out Instagram marketing and grow your following. The other two parts to this include Brand Content Approvals and Set Up Saved Replies. Both of these features do little to actually grow your business and are instead only a convenience for businesses and creators that are already established, having few use cases for new or emerging businesses. Setting up saved replies can give your page a more professional feel while also helping get through large volumes of direct messages efficiently. While brand content approval has to do with the approval of tagged posts, which isn’t something most businesses would need, and is an extremely niche feature.

Stay Informed

Though Instagram launches professional dashboard, promising a plethora of new features and methods to help creators and business alike, “Stay Informed” is likely the only section that is a completely fresh idea, that is actually useful for businesses, while all the other sections are rehashes of already existing features. The stay informed section offers creators with tips, tricks and best practices to better utilize Instagram. These are divided into small blog posts with short videos that cover a range of topics such as “How to create an Instagram shop”. This is quite useful for those new to Instagram marketing, as it can teach you how to optimize your campaigns and reach more people. Instagram is expected to continue updating these blog posts, and use to it to give businesses new updates on features. This type of feature was anticipated well in advance, as Instagram looks to be more transparent and open with its users, as seen by its updates to the privacy policy and guidelines.

Creators and Businesses that take full advantage of this new professional dashboard, are sure to see improved results and have an overall more convenient experience carrying out business on Instagram. The professional dashboard Instagram is using is not unlike Facebook insights or other dashboards from different platforms, yet it feels distinctly Instagram and is a welcomed change for those who did not enjoy the previous layout of Instagram insights. With more features expected to roll out in the near future, and the constant implementation of new features and reinvention of Instagram as a platform, there is a lot to look forward to for businesses and creators. If Instagram is something your business wants to target, a professional digital marketing agency can do wonders for growing your audience and getting new clients. For the best social media marketing services in Bangalore & worldwide support to help improve your digital marketing contact Digistart today. 

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