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How to Track Your Facebook Ad Results After IOS14 Update

  24 May 2022

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The latest iOS14 update has blocked the ability of any third-party app to directly access your webpage and ad performance metrics. But is it as bad for marketers as it sounds? Let’s find out

Marketers always rely on the webpage transaction history and ad performance metrics to improve ad targeting. But the latest iOS14 update has blocked the access for markers to insights into the data required for ad targets.

Yes, it appears depressing for marketers, but there are still some techniques to track the effectiveness of your ads. Let’s find out how top social media marketing companies in Bangalore are dealing with this issue.

Before you move on to the compiled list of Facebook ad tracking tools, let’s see how is iOS update affecting Facebook ads?

How Does IOS14 Affect Facebook Ads? What Has Changed?

The release of iOS14 has resulted in numerous changes for both Facebook and its advertisers. Most of these changes are related to Apple's decision to no longer allow ad programs to monitor your data.

Facebook used to be able to track which web pages you visited and then serve you customized advertisements based on your interests, but they now have very restricted access to this information. This implies that the targeting abilities you were accustomed to and reliant on are no longer available.

Because individuals will see fewer ads tailored to their interests, the likelihood of users not responding to your ad campaigns is extremely high.

Because your advertising will not reach as many people as previously, you will need to increase your budget in order for them to work effectively enough to provide a return on investment.

Furthermore, without full access to user data, it will be more difficult for you (and Facebook) to gain a complete picture of how successfully your ads are doing – making optimization much more difficult than usual!

But all hope is not lost. Here are a few tools that the best social media marketing agencies in Bangalore use to drive results. You can also use them to track your Facebook ads.

Facebook Ad Manager - suggested by social media marketing agency in Sarjapur

Facebook Ad Manager is undoubtedly the best tool for tracking your Facebook ads. The best part is it's still free for all Facebook marketers! It is a robust platform that allows users to create and monitor their advertising while also providing detailed information on how they are doing.

The Ad Manager is the greatest solution for newcomers who are not thoroughly familiar with Facebook advertising but want to manage their own campaigns.

It is not so complex to understand and simple to use. It is highly capable enough to assist you in creating powerful ad campaigns. You may also utilize the tool's built-in analytics dashboard to monitor the performance of your ads and make modifications as needed.

You may be wondering why you should use the ad manager if it no longer has access to your data.

Well, you may not get complete access to user search data but you will get to know where you stand. Accordingly, you can optimize your ad campaigns and make the necessary changes.

Facebook Pixel -

The Pixel is a small piece of code that tracks who visits your website or landing page. It is easy to learn and quick to set up. So anyone can use it.

Simply said, the Pixel takes data from visitors to your website or landing page and sends it back to Facebook.

For instance, if someone visits your website but does not convert, you might target them with other offers in the hopes that they will convert into paying customers.

Now, because it is a code and no third-party app intervention is required, iOS14 allows the Pixel to collect user data straight from servers using Facebook's Conversions API. You may then use this data in your advertising campaigns to make the most out of your advertising budget.

Google Analytics - most used tool by social media marketing agency services Sarjapur

Google Analytics is an excellent tool for determining your target audience, the flow of traffic, and conversions.

It can assist you in determining which website channels are doing the best, especially the landing pages that are most effective in converting visitors. It further provides you with data on how users interact with your content.

It is simple to set up, simple to use, and, most importantly, free. the new iOS update may block Facebook from tracking but you may use GA to review your campaigns. Moreover, once you get clear insights about user behaviors, you can compare your strategy across platforms, and measure ad performance across any marketing channel that drives visitors to your site.

KPI Reports

A KPI report, also known as a Key Performance Indicator report, assists you in demonstrating the ROI of your social media initiatives to clients. Typically, the report is constructed as a presentation, with each slide comprising text and visualizations.

These visualizations can help you understand the performance of your campaigns better without skipping lengthy outcome reports.

Prior to the change, you could receive KPI reports automatically via third-party apps. However, in order to achieve the greatest results, you must now manually configure KPIs.

Why should hire a professional Social Media Agency in Bangalore to deal with your Ad tracking?

If you're confused by the technical jargon and the numerous possibilities, it might be a good idea to employ a social media agency to track your ads for you.

An agency can offer you comprehensive ad management services, such as developing pro-level tracking methods using specialist technologies that do not require your involvement. And, while it won't be as automatic as before, you won't have to worry about learning the intricacies of the process.

You don't have to deal with the ever-changing algorithms and adjust your ads to optimize with them. Social media marketing agencies will do everything for you while you can focus on other preferences.


iOS14 update has surely blocked the capabilities of third-party apps to track down users' data. While it is necessary for data privacy, it is not good news for marketers. However, with the tools mentioned in this article, you can still manage to get past the blockade caused by the iOS14 update and optimize your ads to target potential users.

For better results, you can hire a professional social media marketing agency that will deal with all the technicalities and serve you better outcomes.

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