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Top 3 Social Media Trends of 2021

  24 November 2020

Top 3 Social Media Trends of 2021

A new year brings new users and new trends. The digital marketing industry is ever-evolving and a good market always adapts to the current market climate and takes advantage of emerging trends while letting go of outdated tactics. This is especially true in social media marketing as trends come and go in the blink of the eye. 2021 has brought many new trends with it, some that are to be expected and some that are revolutionizing the industry. No matter the type of trend, it is going to be a long and volatile year with many changes expected to emerge that can push digital marketing in a new direction, while still feeling familiar.

Social E-commerce

The first trend was kicked off a couple of years ago by social media giant Facebook as they introduced Facebook marketplace. A section on Facebook dedicated to the purchase, sale, and exchange of goods. Although it initially got off to a rough start the market place has been evolving and improving, and will soon reach a crescendo where it will be ideal for users. As the platform was previously riddled with counterfeit good, and inauthentic sellers. Facebook is slowly shifting the focus of the market place from C2C exchange to influencer product placement.

As social e-commerce has also been recently introduced to other Facebook platforms such as Instagram, where Instagram pages that have an audience, are able to post products on their page while showing the price and availability of the product within the app itself. This is far more effective as these pages already have a following and consumers have faith that the products are genuine. Markets should take advantage of this as they can now both promote and sell a product directly through social media.

Influencers and Micro-Influencers

Segwaying from the last point, influencer marketing is only getting bigger. Due to the pandemic, many celebrities are unable to connect with their fans as the movie and music industry is at an all-time low. This has given many internet celebrities to rise up and take their place in the limelight. Due to the nature of their popularity, influencers are able to charge varied prices depending on their reach, while also giving marketers exact statistic information regarding the reach and interaction with the product placement. Tracking the key performance indicators from various influencers can help brands identify which products people are gravitating towards while also understanding which influencer best suits a particular product.

In recent times we have also seen the emergence of micro-influencers. These influencers command a following less than 100 thousand, and have and are known for their hyper-focused audience. If you are aiming to sell a product or service in a specific region, or to a niche market then micro-influencers are perfect as they have a more personal connection to their audience and only serve one specific demographic. Using micro-influencers is also far more cost-effective than traditional influencer marketing.

Target right audience

If you aline or categorized, the right audience will give you more benefits to reach high. Most of the social media marketing agency services target the most valuable customer or customer groups. These groups can be known by age group, sex, people near you, people who recently visited your page, or people who had filled your form in the past.

Video Is King

Video marketing has already been dominating the industry for the past few years thanks to the success of platforms like youtube and Facebook watch. Current trends indicate that in the coming year’s video marketing will be the gold standard in terms of effectiveness as people are far more likely to watch a 5-minute video than read a 2-page article. Though due to budget constraints, and the laborious task of shooting and editing a video many have shied away from video marketing. Another drawback is the difficulty in consistently creating new videos, which will need to have a refreshing concept every time.

This may not be practical for many companies so it might be in your best interest to hire an external firm for your video creation. There many video marketing agencies that can do provide video marketing services from the conceptual stage to publication as well.

The new trend of short-form video is the perfect remedy to these issues. As most short-form videos are effective, to the point, relatively inexpensive, and can be created in a timely manner. Another advantage is that social platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are offering tools within the platform to create high-quality professional videos with just your phone. This is game-changing as this allows anyone with a smartphone to design video concepts that are unique and creative. Facebook algorithm is also now prioritizing video content on all its platforms, and video content is able to organically generate more traction with less effort. Video content is also a dominant force due to its viral nature that can rapidly increase a brands relevance when done right.

Other aspects of video content marketing include the explosion of live streaming which allows brands to connect with audiences in real-time, and build rapport with customers. This is effective for product demonstrations, community building activities, brand loyalty schemes, special offer announcements and so much more. In the hands of a proficient creative team, lifestreaming has endless possibilities. If Brands are still skeptical about investing money in creating videos, there is yet another way to use video marketing. This is through UGC or user-generated content, this can be used most effectively by issuing a challenge or creating a contest where customers can participate and further connect with the brand by creating videos. Once these videos are created and shared, it can increase brand visibility and customer loyalty. On top of this, all the videos that are made can now be used in the brands’ own video marketing campaigns by editing them together or using them in or abstract ways.

There are some of the top trends that are sure to create an impact in 2021. Brands that aim to stay ahead of the curve, and generate business through social media should defiantly consider implementing at least one of these strategies if not all three. There are many more changes to come in the later months of the year, and these changes in consumer behaviour will be directly linked to these key trends, and those who have a mastery over these trends will be able to navigate through the seemingly endless sky of social media marketing like a seasoned pilot. Implementing these practices into your business is a delicate task that requires a level of expertise, for those trying to take their social media marketing top the upper echelon it is best to connect with a digital marketing agency, such as Digistart one of the best social media marketing companies in Bangalore.

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