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How to Increase Your Social Media Followers

  24 November 2020

How to Increase Your Social Media Followers

These days, having sufficient followers on social media is just as important as having an elegant office. It shows customers that the brand is trustworthy and worth their time. Having more followers has many other perks as well, It also shows platforms that your brand is something that people are actually interested in. This helps social media algorithms better push your content to other users, and further grow your brand identity & reputation. As studies show that having a lower follower count on social media platforms leads to customer skepticism, and makes your brand seems unreliable. This is why your social media followers are more important for businesses than ever, and by following these simple steps your brand will be on the right path to success.

Stay Consistent

At face value, this tip may seem inconsequential and slightly obvious. Yet it is something that many brands fail to do. As smaller brands tend to make posts in short bursts where they are continuously posting (maybe during the launch of a new product) for a few weeks, after which they completely stop, this way of social media promotion is ineffective. It’s essential to post content constantly as people tend to only follow pages that have a stream of new content. If users realize that a page is inactive they will seize to see its value, and immediately unfollow it.

Posting consistently also helps your marketing strategy as with each post you can try different ideas and tactics, and quickly adapt based on what works and what doesn’t. This can lead to the discovery of new methods that can save valuable time and money. Consistent posting also tells the social media algorithm that your page is worth promoting, and will show your posts more frequently on user feeds, and discovery sections. Our personal recommendation is to post at least 4 times a week.

Engage With Latest Post Formats and Features

It is important to always be aware of new updates and features that are introduced, as each new feature may also change slightly the algorithm, which we must take advantage off.

For example, the growth of short-form video marketing has made Instagram introduce a new feature known as Instagram reels. This a new post format that allows users to post short videos accompanied by music and text, that are easy to re-watch or share. To get users familiarized with this new format Instagram is heavily pushing reels content and is giving preference to pages that post reels, tremendously boosting their social following. This means that some reels may appear on the explore page or grow rapidly with little to no promotion. So marketers should take advantage of it today!

Similarly, many new features are introduced across all social media platforms on a monthly basis. Reading update guides, and bug reports is a good way to stay up to date with the latest features of social media platforms.

Actions Are Key

Most social media markets make the mistake of creating content that is unremarkable, which leads users to view their post and keep scrolling. The content you create must promote user engagement. As platforms only understand how interesting or noteworthy your page is based on the number of actions taken. An action is any interaction a user has with your post or page, such as liking, commenting, sharing, etc. There are various techniques that can be used to promote more actions, simple prompts can actually lead to a large increase in actions.

Such as creating a posting as a teaser, and writing “link in bio” for more information. This simple prompt makes users visit your page, which may lead them to find other posts they find interesting, and it can take users directly to your website. Another tactic is using a conversational style, such asking questions in the post, prompting users to comment on it, or share it with their friends to get their opinion on the post.

Creative markets have come up with a multitude of different ways to make people take actions on their posts. These actions taken show the platform that they create valuable content that engages an audience, increasing the content visibility of the page throughout the platform.


This is a topic that has been covered extensively as a method of improving followers, as Hashtags categories your posts, and make them visible to the people most likely to engage. Although the prominence of hashtags has reduced over time, it is still an important part of social media marketing. Hashtags are most important on Twitter, but you should use them on other platforms as well. Always stay up to date on the latest hashtags and the trending topics, this can be very useful in finding topics to make posts about and will help stay consistent.

Find only a few relevant hashtags to your post and add them, another common mistake many make is Hashtags stuffing, as they see the results from using a few hashtags, and keep adding more and more tags, This makes it harder for the algorithm to categorize your post, and will negatively impact your visibility, it is also seen as unethical and may get your post blackballed. We recommend using around 10 hashtags per post.

By implementing some of these tips into your social media strategy, you are guaranteed to see an increase in your followers over time. Digital marketing is a constantly evolving industry but these tips are things to always keep in mind, as they remain true no matter what platform is being used, and will remain true in the years to come. For more insightful tips and tactics like this, get in touch with Digistart and follow us on social media.

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