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Best Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

blog_logo   24 November 2020

Best Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Though many businesses have been affected by the pandemic in 2020, but the new year of 2021 is going to bring new trends to businesses across the world. Within the realm of digital marketing, a lot of trends are already emerging. The strategies that worked in 2020 may not work in 2021. So let’s have a look at some of the “Must have” new trends in digital marketing that you can implement to boost your business.


Chatbot trends and AI trends

Chatbots are a live chat interface that helps customers interact with businesses. Human beings are being replaced by chatbots that can easily interact with customers at any time of day. So many businesses have started using chatbots that have helped them personalise user experience. According to the research, chatbots have helped reduce operating costs and increase industry growth. Make sure to use an instantaneous client support tool, that can help answer user questions.

The complete Syncronisation of AI with digital marketing is going to happen in the next few years. Many successful brands like Amazon and Spotify have already adopted it into their marketing toolkit.

Amazon has started using AI to show relevant products to the customers on the basis of their previous purchases, searches, and views which tells the AI the likelihood of someone buying a particular product. Many Ad-tech companies are focusing on using AI to create dymaic ads and landing pages. Google ads are also using Machine learning and AI to find people more prone to action.

Voice-search trends

Nowadays users are moving towards voice search for getting directions, checking the weather, setting alarms and playing music. Voice search now plays a crucial role in our everyday lives, as it is available on most smartphones, tablets and smart home devices.

According to Google Reports, 27% of the global online population are using voice search on mobile devices. So digital marketers need to do voice search SEO as well to stay ahead of the competition. According to research, 70% of all search will be through voice search by the end of 2021.

The AR and VR trend

AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) are both some of the leading marketing tools in 2021. From the development of a product to storytelling, augmented reality and virtual reality have become the leading internet marketing trends during this global pandemic.

AR and VR have been a very important tool for creating 3D environments that let businesses connect with users from any part of the world, it also allows them to create marketing experiences that were never possible before. Businesses like IKEA are using AR to help customers find the type of furniture they like before they even enter the store.

Shopping Trends

Online shopping has grown significantly and “shopping posts” have become common in social media. According to a survey, 70% of Instagram users find new products on the platform. 4000 Pinterest users are using Pinterest to find new products as well. Facebook takes it a step further as its user have Facebook Marketplace to buy products. Users are now finding it quick, convenient and hassle-free to find new products.

Short video trend

Short videos have been a trend on social media for a while, but have shown staying power in the last year through the explosive growth of the social media platform TikTok, since then many other platforms and markets have adopted the trend as it grabs viewer attention and better retains it than text-based content.

Users prefer short video about a product or service, rather than reading a boring article. It is easy-to-make, easy to understand, memorable and executes effective push marketing.

The short-form video has become a new trend in digital marketing in 2021, that is still growing in relevance. Instagram has also recently launched its own short video section, so marketers should take advantage while it’s still new.

Google ads – automated and smart bidding Strategies

Google Ads automated bidding will analyse large amounts of data and adjusts bids in real-time in order to help to maximise results based on campaign goals. It is helpful for search and display ads chosen based on bidding strategy.

Smart bidding is also linked with automated bidding. It includes conversion-based strategies like maximising clicks, maximising conversions, enhanced PPC, etc. It provides auction-time bidding which helps in optimising conversions.

Through these trends, we can see the ever-evolving nature of the digital marketing industry, as older trends of marketing such as peer to peer marketing and ebook based email collecting fall out of fashion, new trends have emerged to take their place. Marketers must stay vigilant for other new trends that may emerge in the near future, and take advantage of them before they turn redundant.

For most business owners this may seem daunting as they are concerned with following trends in their own industry, so its best to connect with an effective marketing agency in your city. Contact with Digistart today as we are one of the best SEO service companies in Bangalore.

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