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How Small Businesses Can Revamp Their Digital Marketing In 2021

  24 November 2020

How Small Businesses Can Revamp Their Digital Marketing In 2021

A new year brings new challenges and opportunities with it. This is especially true in the world of digital marketing, as there is a constant influx of new customers and technologies. There is a wide scope of opportunity for small businesses to take advantage of digital marketing, as there are many clients online these days and capturing that base can generate a lot more revenue than any form of offline marketing.

If digital marketing hasn’t been a priory for your business, 2021 is the year to change that, and revamp your online presence. Here are some digital marketing strategies for small business.


For any small business to get started in the digital world, a high-quality website is essential. As a website is like the face of your company that will create a lasting impression on clients. Having a website that looks good and works smoothly, is important but having great hosting is key, so make sure you find a reliable service for your hosting. When choosing a domain make sure it is easy to remember and easy to spell, as a domain is more important than the name of your brand.

Once these aspects are in order its time to take it one step further, as the look and feel of your site is only half the battle. Focusing on search engine optimisation for your site is crucial, as it will allow users to organically find your business when they search for keywords related to your business.

You can optimise your site well by identifying keywords that are relevant to your business and targeting them through the content on your site. Ideally, the keywords you choose should be of high search volume and low competition, this will allow you to gain optimal results. If most of your business is conducted in a specific location then it is best to target keywords that reflect that, as it will let search engines know that your business is prominent in a certain area.

Google My Business

Setting up a google my business page should be the first step in digital marketing for small businesses. It is very easy to set up but will improve your business tremendously. When your google business is set up, it will show up in the results whenever someone searches for keywords related to your business, or searches specifically for your business. You can add details about your business such as a description, photos and videos.

These will contribute to persuading someone to check out your business if your google my business content is compelling enough. A huge advantage of Google my business is that you can link to your site, provide an address (directly linked to google maps), provide and contact number, and opening and closing timings so customers know exactly when to get in touch, where to get in touch and how to get in touch with your business. It is also effective to ask customers to leave a review or rating on your google my business page, that will further help establish your credibility.

Email marketing

Next, email marketing is also highly effective, as you are able to target a large customer base in a short period of time and totally inexpensive. When creating an email marketing campaign make sure to focus on every aspect of the content within your email. First, make sure you have a professional email address from which you are sending out the emails. Second, you must make your subject line attention-grabbing, and intriguing. When it comes to the content of your email.

Make sure to use persuasive language along with the assistance of creative graphics, which will add a level of depth and seriousness to your email. Don’t use “spammy” language as that will turn off the reader. A good way to make your emails more appealing is by using tools that will let you personalize each email to the customer so that the customer feels valued.

Finding a tool with the right features that suits you is critical to the success of your customization when creating emails. As the more personal, singularly focused an email is the more likely it is to get a response from the customer, but this is also very time-consuming. Whereas if your email is too general it may take less time but, it will have a much lower rate of response from the customers. You should always try to strike a balance between the two sides.

Social Media

Lastly, many small businesses tend to neglect social media, as they don’t see the value you in investing time and money into it. Building a social media following will not only build your brand and show customers what your company is all about, but it will also let loyal customers follow your latest products and services, while they can easily communicate with you through social media.

Having a decent number of followers, and frequent posts will also show credibility in the market. It will also be a point of differentiation from your competitors. Small businesses can also take advantage of Facebook groups, and communities that have interests based around your product or service. This will let you reach out directly to potential customers and have a close interaction with them. This type of marketing could yield a higher conversion rate, and build great rapport with clients.

These are just some of the ways that small businesses can revamp their digital marketing in 2021. Focusing on these will garner tremendous results, as the requirements for small businesses are relatively less, so finding the ideal customers should be much easier. Targeting specifically for keywords, and hashtags relevant to your locations will make the maximum difference.

Despite the implementation of these concepts, the results may still be lacking in some cases due to improper use, or poor optimization. This is because digital marketing is complex and ever-evolving, so many small business owners may not have the time to dedicate towards digital marketing.

In such cases its always best to approach a digital marketing agency that can guide you through the process, or completely take it off your hands. Hiring an agency is always more effective because they are experts in the field. If you want to gain more customers, and digitize your business practices, get in touch with Digistart today, the number one digital marketing agency for small business.

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