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SEO and PPC: How to Make the Most Out of these Services

  26 Aug 2022

SEO and PPC are two essential components of digital marketing. Keywords are key to each of these services. So, by integrating these two services intelligently, we may improve the performance of one service while improving the performance of the other. However, brands must first have a good strategy. Planning Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click campaigns for your brand can be difficult if you are new to this sector. However, you may always seek experienced assistance from Digistart, the top digital marketing firm in Bangalore.

How can SEO and PPC work together to benefit your brand?

As previously said, both PPC and SEO revolve around keywords. Choosing the ideal keywords is therefore critical for both of them to function successfully. Google uses PPC to determine whether the keywords in the ad copy and headlines are relevant to the terms searched on Google. As a result, it displays your advertisement.

Google, on the other hand, scans through the content you publish on your website through SEO. It then recognizes the keywords you employ in it and places your web page in the search engine result page depending on that. Do you see how crucial it is to choose the appropriate keywords? You certainly do

So, using Digistart's advice, here are seven steps to combining SEO and PPC services for the best results for your organization. Take the steps that are in your best interests. If you still need more information, contact the best SEO company in India.

  • 1. Go to Google Search Console and acquire a list of terms for which you get clicks and impressions from Google. Now, copy and paste the top ten keywords that send the most traffic to your website into a new sheet.
  • 2. Remove the irrelevant keywords and retain the rest in Google Ads Keyword Planner.
  • 3. Then, just like with any other ad campaign, you must shortlist the keywords.
  • 4. Allow the campaign to continue for at least 7 days. Then, from the list, identify the terms with the greatest potential to convert a lead. If you have received no conversions as far, return to the list of terms you acquired from Google Search Console. Then look for other keywords and repeat the process from step 2.
  • 5. Now you must employ these high-potential keywords as input keywords in order to examine your SEO keywords. Then look for keywords that are relevant to the input keywords. With these, you can now create a cluster of keywords based on the same foundation. As a result, this cluster will help you convert higher potential users.
  • 6. Following that, you must include these keywords in your article while adhering to the 2% density requirement.
  • 7. Finally, return to step 1 where we instructed you to select 10 traffic-driving keywords. Then, use those keywords to launch PPC advertising.

These ten keywords can bring 80% of organic traffic to your website. As a result, testing with these can provide you with higher converting keywords at cheap CPCs. According to Google's research, your content will be exceptionally relevant to these keywords and it will rank organically on the top page of Google SERPs.

Final words

It is a tried and tested method, according to professionals at Digistart, the leading provider of search engine marketing services in Bangalore. As you go through the phases, be certain that you are not missing out on good keywords by incorporating insights from both SEO and PPC.

The majority of your keywords will yield the highest results in both services. Simply analyse and extract the best keywords that produce the greatest traffic and conversions. And in this way, you may acquire the most optimal PPC and SEO plan and make them operate together for your maximum profit.

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