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How to Boost Real Estate Sales Using Digital Marketing

  24 Aug 2022

We live in an era when even real estate marketing is getting more digital. Who would have guessed that one day you'd be able to see your new home in a 3D view on your phone?

This new trend is precisely why you, as an Indian realtor, should explore digital marketing as a technique of reaching your audience. This blog will discuss the 5 essential digital marketing tactics that real estate companies in a city like Bangalore might utilize to increase their sales.

5 digital marketing tips for real estate

Focus on a user-friendly site

The experience is everything in real estate. Whether it's luxury real estate where the customer expects a breath of fresh air, plenty of sunlight, and cutting-edge technology, or a basic home to rent where they anticipate, above all, a sense of security, your website should be their first point of contact.

A user-friendly website can help your cause. It generates the impression in the visitor's mind that you understand their needs and moves them a step closer to your sales funnel.

To create a user-friendly site, you should highlight graphics and allow for easy navigation. Provide an experience comparable to a dream home, with smooth transitions and well-defined pages. Invest in some impeccable UI/UX concepts. For this purpose, you can call the top UI/UX company in Bangalore for assistance.

Categorize the content on your site

Categorize the content material and visuals/images on each page so that the visitor knows what to expect from the page. Maintain a mix of information and visuals to keep the user engaged.

Check out the sites of leading real estate agencies in India. Determine which designs have worked for them. Furthermore, if it worked for them, chances are it will work for you as well.

Don’t forget the SEO

Optimizing your photos is the first step toward developing an SEO strategy. Include a description that includes the appropriate keywords. If you're having trouble determining your keyword performance, seek an SEO services firm in Bangalore or wherever you're located to get a better notion.

The majority of your visitors are most likely conducting research on their phones You must remember that more than half of website visitors are on mobile. Make your website responsive without sacrificing the utilization of images and information.

Improve the speed of your website. Nobody was supposed to be stuck on the loading screen. The ideal method is to simplify your coding and optimize your images. It is recommended that you contact an SEO service agency in Bangalore for better outcomes.

Leverage SEM for real estate

A search engine marketing (SEM) campaign is useless in the absence of a comprehensive digital marketing plan. The reason for this is that an SEM campaign makes use of relevant keywords as well as the purpose of your target audience.

As a result, your initial step should be to determine your high-performing keywords and the intent you want to address with your SEM advertisements (buy, rent, gather information, etc.) You can use the PPC services provided by companies to assist you to identify your keywords and intent.

Search engine native ads are a powerful technique for increasing traffic to your website. At the same time, if your site is in poor condition, it may have a high bounce rate. This is why you must target the right keywords and avoid wasting money on a PPC (pay-per-click) campaign.

PPC Services in Bangalore will assist you in determining the best keywords depending on the behavior of your target audience. Remember that the splurging technique never works. Having this data on audience intent and behavior might help you spend wisely.

Customize content as per real estate marketing

Content marketing refers to a variety of content forms that work in tandem with your SEO and SEM operations. Here, you must consider hot real estate subjects for blogs as well as smart content distributed via social posts and newsletters


Real estate is evolving fast and undergoing rapid digitization. Therefore, this is the best time to promote real estate through digital marketing. This task can be daunting for real estate professionals as their expertise lies somewhere else. Therefore, you can always contact Digistart - the digital marketing agency specializing in real estate marketing in Bangalore.

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