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The Future of AI in Digital Marketing

  24 November 2020

The Future of AI in Digital Marketing

Computer technology has come quite far since its initial creation back in the 1940s. Every year we see new advances and development in the information technology world, leading to the eventual technological singularity, but in the meantime, we still have many years where the modern technology of AI can be leveraged to improve our businesses and daily lives. Initially, AI or artificial intelligence was expensive to create and use and therefore had very few applications as it is too expensive or impractical for most businesses.

This is all changing now as AI grows in its reliability, and capacity while becoming more inexpensive and ubiquitous. This has led many industries to start adopting AI and machine learning technologies into their practices. This includes digital marketing as AI is set to revolutionise digital marketing in the coming years, so its best to take advantage of its while it is still new.

First understanding Artificial intelligence, machine learning and their use cases is important, before delving into how we can use AI for digital marketing. Artificial intelligence at its simplest level when a computer is able to perform tasks that would usually require human intelligence or discernment. Typically in marketing, there are a lot of qualitative and quantitative tasks that have to be performed along with data that has to be analysed by a real person in order to make a decision.

By using AI certain aspects of this can be automated, reducing the burden on the marketer. Machine learning is the technology that AI uses in order to develop its intelligence, as machine learning uses many different statistically models and algorithms to learn from a situation and adapt based on patterns instead of requiring explicit instructions. With the combination of these two technologies, multiple marketing processes can potentially be automated or eliminated altogether, in turn streamlining the entire process.

The most common way AI is used today in digital marketing is in content creation for Seo purposes. Through Ai tools markets are able to create thousands of words of content within seconds, a task that would have otherwise took a normal person several hours to complete. AI tools are able to perform keyword research and write content based on the same keywords, for multiple different blogs or articles at the same time This is a great saver of time and human resources.

Some other forms of Ai commonly seen is through the use of chatbots on many websites, white uses an algorithm to realistically communicate with a customer in order to fulfil their needs, answer their queries or convert them into a lead. AI is also frequently used in email marketing and A/B testing to quickly obtain results and adjust campaigns with minimal wastage.

AI and digital marketing go hand in hand because of the large amount of data produced by digital marketing campaigns, and the AI’s ability to quickly and effectively sort through data, analyse it and identify patterns or trends. This type of AI tool would be useful for large scale marketing where many leads are generated. Where a digital marketer would have to comb through mountains of data to uncover the pattern that may not always be accurate, the AI would be able to compare and contrast between millions of past data points and the current data it is analysing to come up with multiple possible scenarios of varying probability in just a matter of seconds.

AI can also be used in this way to create unique customer profiles and track behaviour in order to suggest the optimal remarketing strategy. The more data given to an AI system the more accurate it can be with future predictions, by adjusting the goals of a campaign or customer touchpoints to be analysed there are a virtually an endless number of permutations and combinations that can be created to achieve the specific needs of a company.

Despite these positive outcomes, there are many who are still skeptical or outright against the use of AI in digital marketing. As many veteran marketers don’t have enough faith in the digital system to be completely automated as they prefer to manually analyse data, this may in fact be a better way to analyse campaign performance, but even with modern dashboards and analytics tools, it is much more time consuming than letting an AI bot handle it.

Many are also fearful that Google will soon be able to identify AI-generated content and give less preference to Ai content due to its inauthenticity, as Google tries to curate high-quality content, whereas AI-generated content would be used purely for SEO purposes.

Though some of these drawbacks may hold weight it is impossible to deny the tremendous benefits presented by AI in the digital marketing world. Over the last few years, AI went from having a pretty insignificant presence in digital marketing to now where a majority of marketers are trying to integrate some form of AI to help with their marketing efforts.

Many companies may find it quite difficult to integrate AI into their business, especially when their work in a non-technological industry. This is why it’s imperative to work with someone who has expertise in both digital marketing and AI. Working with an agency specializing in machine learning and AI based campaigns is usually ideal. Contact Digistart today for some of the best digital marketing services, along with AI and machine learning integrated SEO and social media marketing campaigns

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